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  • Cisco A9K-48X10G-SE
  • Cisco A9K-48X10G-SE
Cisco A9K-48X10G-SECisco A9K-48X10G-SE

Cisco A9K-48X10G-SE

  • Product description: Cisco A9K-48X10G-SE Cisco ASR 9000 Series 48-port 10 Gb Ethernet cable card

Cisco A9K-48X10G-SE  Cisco ASR 9000 Series 48-port 10 Gb Ethernet cable card,

Cisco ASR 9000 Series 48-port dual-rate 10 Gb and 1 Gb Ethernet Cable cards provide industry-leading routers with high density and high 10 Gb/1 Gb Ethernet performance for any slot of Cisco ASR 9000 series aggregated services.

These high-capacity line cards are designed to eliminate network bandwidth bottlenecks caused by massive increases in video on Demand (VoD), IPTV, peer-to-peer video, Internet video and cloud service traffic. Has an incredibly low power profile.

Fully filling the ASR 9922 chassis with a 48-port cable card provides 960 10 Gb Ethernet ports or 960 1 Gb Ethernet ports in a single chassis. This configuration is ideal for networks where density, performance, and low-latency operations are critical.

The 24-port and 48-port line cards are designed for 200G and 400G throughput, respectively, but can run in over-subscription mode, and the 48-port card can reach up to 480G.

In the case of oversubscription, packets will be elegantly redistributed across all ports. All ports on the cable card can be configured in 10 GB mode or 1 GB mode. The cable card also provides the flexibility to support some mixed 1G and 10G configurations.

The physical interfaces on these cable cards support both small pluggable (SFP) and enhanced SFP (SFP+) optics for long and short distance applications, support migration and support a wide range of deployment scenarios requiring different media types and flexible interface modes.

With these capabilities, the ASR 9000 series line cards, routers provide the infrastructure for scalable carrier Ethernet and IP/ Multi-protocol Label switching (IP/MPLS) networks that facilitate profitable business, residential, and mobile services

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