Optical transceiver

  • Fujitsu FC95772LR4
Fujitsu FC95772LR4

Fujitsu FC95772LR4

  • Product description: Fujitsu FC95772LR4_100G LR4 CFP4 SMF 1310nm 10km LC_Liyuan Tech

Brand: Fujitsu

Model: FC95772LR4


Encapsulation mode: CFP4

Description: 100G LR4 CFP4 SMF 1310nm 10km LC

Product Category: Pluggable optical module

Data rate: 100G

Distance: 10 km

Optical fiber type: SMF

Transceiver type: LC


Wavelength: 1310 nm

Connector: duplex liquid chromatography

Application: 100G Ethernet

Operating temperature: 0 ℃ to 70 ℃

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