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  • ZTE 8912 Mbp Routing Switch
ZTE 8912 Mbp Routing Switch

ZTE 8912 Mbp Routing Switch

  • Product description: ZTE 8912 Mbp Routing Switch
ZTE ZXR10 8900E series switches are high-end carrier-level switches, with large capacity, carrier-level reliability, leading L2/L3/MPLS capabilities, enhanced security, non-blocking switch architecture and complete IPv6 features. In particular, 8900E series switches provide various technologies to improve reliability, maintenance and energy efficiency: VSC2.0 (Virtual Switch Cluster), BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection), Zero Touch Configuration, IEEE 802.3AZ Energy-saving Ethernet (EEE), etc. They help customers build future-oriented networks and serve as aggregates or cores of metropolitan area ethernet, Campus, FTTX and IP RAN scenarios.

ZXR10 8900E series switches adopt advanced hardware structure and modular design. The switching capacity can reach 1024 TbPS, and the line speed capacity of line cards can reach 48 x 10GE, 8 x 40GE and 4 slots X100GE interface.

Integrating distributed software platform ROSng and ZXR10 8900E series switches, the following models are provided:

8902E: 2 interface board slots, 2 control board slots and 2 power module slots. 4RU, side to side flow.

8905E: 5 interface board slots, 2 control switch slots and 3 power module slots. 10RU, side to side flow.

8908E: 8 interface board slots, 2 control switch slots and 3 power module slots. 13RU, side to side flow.

8989E: 12 interface board slots, 2 control switch slots and 3 power module slots. 17RU, side to side airflow.

8908E-H:8 interface board slot, 2 control board slots, 4 independent switch structure slots and 3 power module slots. 17RU, side to side airflow.

8989E-H:12 interface board slot, 2 control board slots, 4 independent switch structure slots and 3 power module slots. 21RU, side to side airflow. Product characteristics

1.1024 TBPS switching capacity, 4*100Ge/48*10Ge line speed interface card

ZXR10 8900E series switch support S.1024 TBPS line speed switching capacity up to 1.28 TbPS per slot switching capacity. It can provide customers with a sustainable high-performance campus core and aggregation network, and hosts 4K video or the next generation of Meta-E, campus and FTTX networks.

ZXR10 8900E series switch line cards include: different Ethernet interfaces FE/GE/10GE/40GE/100GE. Under low density conditions, it can improve the line speed of 48 ports 10GE, 8 ports 40GE and 4 ports 100Ge.10GE and GE combination line cards, at the same time, it can improve the utilization rate of line cards and protect the investment of customers.

Innovative Virtual Switch Cluster 2 (VSC2.0) Technology

Performance: The stacked bandwidth between two switches reaches 3GbPS, eliminating the bandwidth bottleneck of VSC, and realizing real-time non-blocking VSC system. By using optical interface stacking to achieve a distance of more than 80 km, the problem of distance limitation when VSC system deploys VSC in different locations is solved.

Reliability: Independent out-of-band management separates the control plane from the forwarding plane. Through real-time control information hot backup technology, VSC system can achieve seamless switching in case of failure.

Protection investment: No special stacked line card requirements, line card can also be used for VSC connection. Some card ports function as VSC ports, while others function as service ports. There is no waste of investment in port deployment and protection.

Flexibility: Master-slave mode works in 1:N redundancy mode, MAD (multi-active detection) detects and avoids dual hosts in VSC system, while failures occur. Real-time hot standby and seamless handover build a more flexible VSC network.

Distributed Modular Operating System ROS 5

7. ZXR108900E adopts fully distributed modular design: each functional module can be loaded or unloaded independently; each process only occupies dedicated resources; coordination between processes is efficient and safe.

Each line card has its own CPU, while the master card is equipped with a more powerful CPU. Distributed protocol processing is helpful to improve the overall computing efficiency.

The extension of the management interface is flexible. At present, ZXR10 8900E is compatible with management interface XML and NETCONF.

Strong service carrying capacity

Rich L2 switching, low delay forwarding L3 routing functions, ZXR10 8900E series switches can carry WLAN, Internet, voice, video, enterprise private network and other data services.

7.L2/L3 MPLS VPN: VPLS, H-VPLS and VPWS. ZXR10 8900E series switches can also support MCE. By supporting these features, it provides customer VPN service capabilities.

It supports complete L2/L3 multicast protocol, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, PIM-SMSM, MLD and IGMP monitoring, and meets the requirements of IPTV, multi-terminal high-definition video surveillance and video conference services.

Support POE/POE interface card to realize WLAN scene access.

Comprehensive solution

7. ZXR10 8900E series switches are certified by IPv6 Forum 2 version IPv6 Forum.

Support rich IPv6 unicast routing protocols: IPv6 static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISV6, BGP4 and multicast features: MLD V1/V2, MLD snooping, PIMv6, etc.

Support rich IPv4-IPv6 tunnel technology: IPv6 manual tunnel, 6-4 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel and IPv4 compatible automatic tunnel, etc.

Carrier Level Reliability and Multidimensional Security

(3) The control plane and the forwarding plane are physically isolated on ZXR10 8900E-H series switches.

All the key components of ZXR10 8900E series switches are redundant design and hot pluggable, including main control board, switch board, power supply module and fan module.

Support GRM (Goad Read Read) to realize uninterrupted forwarding of OFFP/BGP/ISO to reduce the impact of network failure.

Supporting Ethernet OAM, including IEEE 802.3AH and 802.1AG, is helpful to monitor the real-time operation status of the network, and to realize fast fault detection and fault location.

Support various authentication methods, such as 802.1x, RADIUS, TACACS, etc. Supporting CPU overload protection, DDoS prevention, providing customers with a secure network.