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  • Product description: JUNIPER ACX5448-M-DC-AFO_48 SFP+/SFP PORTS 4 QSFP28PORTS REDUND FANS & DC PS FRO_Liyuan Tech


Juniper Networks ACX5400 Universal Metro Router is a shelf top router with a deep packet buffering solution for metro networks or aggregation environments.

The ACX5400 router portfolio includes high-performance, fixed-configuration 1 U routers that add higher port density, additional scalability, and improved latency to the ACX family.

These routers feature high throughput packet forwarding engines that provide 800 Gbps of full duplex throughput.

The ACX5400 router, with its 1 U contour size, is ideal for Ethernet service aggregation. Its innovative design helps service providers build high-density, high-performance 100-Gigabit Ethernet infrastructures with limited rack space and cooling.

52 ports on the ACX5448 router support 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps speeds, providing a total throughput of up to 800 Gbps. The router provides complete metro Ethernet and IP/MPLS VPN services in a space-optimized platform.

The ACX5400 series routers simplify access and convergence architectures by eliminating unnecessary layers and network coverage, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

The ACX5448-M router supports advanced security features such as Media Access Control Security (MACsec) on 10 gigabit or 1 gigabit Ethernet ports to protect against potential network vulnerabilities.

ACX5448, ACX5448-D, and ACX5448-M system overview

The ACX5400 router has a high throughput packet forwarding engine,

The performance of the control plane running on the ACX5400 router is enhanced by a 1.9-Ghz six-core Intel CPU with 32 GB of memory and two 100-GB enterprise-class solid state drives (SSDS) for storage.

We ship ACX5400 routers with redundant fans and redundant Power supply modules (PSM). You can order routers with front-to-back airflow (airflow output or AFO) or back-to-front airflow (airflow input or AFI) as well as AC or DC PSM.

ACX5400 Router model

The ACX5400 router family offers AC or DC power modules (PSM) as well as air output (AFO) or Air input (AFI) cooling. AFO is also known as front to back or port to FRU cooling; Similarly, AFI is also called back to front or FRU to Port cooling.

The ACX5400 router runs the Junos operating system (OS), which provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching, routing, and security services. Junos OS is installed on the ACX5400 router's 100 GB internal solid-state flash drive.

The same Junos OS code base that runs on ACX5400 routers also runs on all Juniper Networks QFX and EX family switches, SRX family devices, and MX, ACX, and PTX family routers.

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