Infinera Series

  • Infinera AC100-MO1-150
Infinera AC100-MO1-150

Infinera AC100-MO1-150

  • Product description: TRX100267/TC 100G CFP TRANSCEIVER, COH MR TUNABLE DWDM OTU4

Brand: Infinera

Part Number: AC100-MO1-150

Model: TRX100267/TC

Category: optical transceiver

Form Factor: CFP

Data Speed: 100Gbps

Wavelength: tunable

Type: Coherent DWDM

Transceiver Products Supplied by Liyuan Tech

Main Brands: Alcatel, Nokia, Finisar, Juniper, Ciena, Cisco, Infinera etc.



In addition to Infinera AC100-MO1-150, Liyuan Tech supply a wide range of other optical transceivers. If you have any need or interest, please feel free to send inquiry to