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  • Huawei TN55TTX
  • Huawei TN55TTX
  • Huawei TN55TTX
Huawei TN55TTXHuawei TN55TTXHuawei TN55TTX

Huawei TN55TTX

  • Product description: Huawei TN55TTX, 10 x 10G tributary service processing board, applied to Huawei OptiX OSN8800

Equipped with 10PCS 10G-10km-SFP+ client-side pluggable modules, TN55TTX is a 10x10G OTN tributary board applied to HUAWEI OptiX OSN8800.

TN55TTX converts between ten channels of 10GE LAN/10GE WAN/STM-64/OC-192/OTU2/OTU2e/FC800/FC1200 optical signals and ten channels of ODU2/ODU2e/ODUflex electrical signals through cross-connection, and can work with NS4 board to perform 10x10G to 1x100G.

Huawei TTX Series has functional versions of TN54 and TN55 with different features supported, TN55TTX can substitute for TN54TTX without any software upgrade.