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  • Huawei TN17LSCT61 03031KBB
Huawei TN17LSCT61 03031KBB

Huawei TN17LSCT61 03031KBB

  • Product description: Huawei TN17LSCT61 03031KBB_100Gbit/s Wavelength Conversion Board (150000 ps/nm,SDFEC2, wDCM,Coherent,Tunable,50GHz,LC)_liyuan Tech
brand: HUAWEI

PN: TN17LSCT61 03031KBB

100Gbit/s wavelength conversion board apply to OSN8800

150000 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-ePDM-QPSK(SDFEC2, wDCM)-PIN WDM-Side Fixed Optical Module

100G BASE-LR4-10 km-CFP client-side pluggable module equipped, 100G BASE-10×10G-10 km-CFP and (100G BASE-4×25G)/(OTU4-4×28G)-10km-CFP are optional
LSC available versions TN12, TN13, TN15, TN17 and TN18 TN19 .

TN12 and TN13 versions use different front panels, but TN13 and TN15 versions use the same front panel. TN12LSC board occupies four slots, TN13LSC/TN15LSC/TN17LSC occupies two slots,

the TN18LSC board occupies one slot.

Provides OTU4 interface on WDM-side, supports PM on ODU4 layer and SM function PM OTU4 layer
Supports OTN frame format and overhead processing compliant with ITU-T G.709.
Supports ITU-T G.694.1-compliant DWDM specifications.

Supports ESC function

Supports PRBS test function on WDM side

Supports alarms and performance events monitoring

Supports ALS function on the client side when client services are non-OTN services.
Supports test frame and latency measurement
Supports Optical-layer ASON
Supports client 1+1 protection and intra-board 1+1 protection (when working with the OLP/DCP/QCP board).

Support Loopback on client side and WDM side

TN17LSCT61 is a 100Gbit/s wavelength conversion on Huawei OSN8800, fixed module 150000 ps/nm-C Band-Tunable Wavelength-ePDM-QPSK(SDFEC2, wDCM)-PIN on WDM side, equipped with one 100G BASE-LR4-10 km-CFP pluggable module on client side, if need 100G BASE-10×10G-10 km-CFP and (100G BASE-4×25G)/(OTU4-4×28G)-10km-CFP, please contact

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