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  • Huawei Optix OSN 1800 V
Huawei Optix OSN 1800 V

Huawei Optix OSN 1800 V

  • Product description: The Huawei OptiX OSN 1800 V belongs to OSN1800 Series, which is a new-generation packet enhanced multi-service optical transport platform that supports unified switching of OTN/PKT/SDH services and ac

Brand: HUAWEI 

Model: OSN 1800 V

Series: Huawei OSN 1800

Dimensions (H x W x D): 221 mm x 442 mm x 224 mm

Number of Service Slots:15 slots per cabinet (DC) 12 slots per cabinet (AC) 

Switching Capability:OTN: 700G ODUk (k=0, 1, 2, 2e, flex)

SDH: 280G (high-order), 5G (low-order)

Number of Wavelengths (maximum):CWDM: 8 wavelengths; DWDM: 40 wavelengths

Rate per Wavelength (maximum):100G (OTU-4)

Installation Rack:19/23-inch rack, ETSI 300 mm/600 mm rack

Power Supply:110V AC to 220V AC, -48V DC to -60V DC

Huawei OptiX OSN 1800 V provides these features:

• MS-OTN product with a 5 U height, supporting ultra-high integration and access of any service

- Supports up to 700G OTN cross-connect capacity, 700G packet cross-connect capacity, 280G SDH higher-order cross-connect capacity, and 40G SDH lower-order

cross-connect capacity per subrack, greatly increasing line bandwidth utilization.

- Supports universal line boards, allowing services groomed on the OTN, SDH, and PKT service planes to seamlessly share line transmission bandwidth.

• Eco-friendly, easy O&M, and easy deployment

- Energy-saving design, reducing OPEX

- Easy to deploy, supporting installation in a 19-inch or ETSI cabinet and using AC or DC power supplies.

• Built-in PCM features, providing an all-in-one solution to meet requirements for low-rate service access of industry customers

- Avoids device stacking and simplifies network architecture.

- Provides unified management, easy network expansion, and smooth evolution on the multi-service transport platform.