• Brocade G620
Brocade G620

Brocade G620

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Brocade G620 Switch Product overview

Brocade G620 switches leverage lightning-fast flash storage network technology and quickly adapt to dynamic service requirements.

This powerful 6th generation Fibre Channel switch breaks down application performance barriers and simplifies scaling out network architectures in an enviable small footprint. With the help of built-in tools,

You gain greater insight and control, which reduces cost, management complexity, and risk.

Breakthrough performance: Get the performance you need to support business-critical applications and get the most out of your investment in solid-state storage technology.

Higher scalability: Reduces operational costs and administrative complexity by simplifying the horizontal scaling architecture -- all in one 1U shape.

Operational Stability: Risk mitigation with the industry's first built-in metrics. Achieve better control and operational insight to quickly identify problems and easily meet or break SLAs.

Easily handle demanding applications

Seamless transition to next-generation NVMe flash arrays

Improve performance for demanding workloads on 32G links

Latency for high-transaction applications can be reduced by up to 10 times compared to other products

Simplify scalability and administration

The storage network switch with the highest port density in the industry provides simplified scalability

Simplify end-to-end management of large-scale environments by automating monitoring and diagnostics

Increased VM density through better device support and an in-depth understanding of virtualized workloads

"Pay-as-you-go" scalability from 24 ports to 64 ports for on-demand flexibility

Achieve control and insight

Detect degraded storage performance using built-in device delay and IOPS monitoring

Understand storage I/O workloads and behavior to ensure consistent and predictable performance

Improve resilience by automatically detecting and recovering from network and device level errors

Ensure predictable performance through pre-deployment verification and benchmarking

VM Insight supports virtual machine (VM) visibility in a storage structure to monitor and optimize VM performance and identify VM exceptions

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