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Recycle Recycle Ciena NTK538DZ NTK538UL NTK538UJ NTK539UH NTK538BK NTK539TJE5 NTK539QJ 186-1600-900 160-9600-900 180-1120-900 160-9104-900 160-9204-900

Adhering to the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, Liyuan Technology recyles Ciena wave board cards and Ciena fiber transceivers of various types. For enquiries, please contact

Recycle Recall the following models:

NTK538DZ      NTK538UL   NTK538UJ   NTK539UH  NTK538BK   NTK539TJE5   

NTK539QJ       NTK530QA  NTK530QM  NTK536FA  NTK536FB  NTK530QE  

NTK538BJ        NTK538BM  NTK538BM  NTK538BR  NTK536BE  NTK536AA  

NTK536FA        NTK536FB  NTK532GA  NTK532GA  NTK532GN NTK529AC  

NTK537CA        NTK537BA  NTK540AC  NTK540AD  NTK540AE  NTK540BC  

NTK540BC        NTK540BE  NTK540CC  NTK540CD  NTK540LD  NTK540CE  

NTK538FR         NTK538FS  NTK538DS  NTK538CT  NTK538DR  NTK538CT  

NTK538EJ          NTK538EK  NTK538EL  NTK538EM  NTK538EX  NTK538BA  

NTK538GA 186-1600-900   160-9600-900   180-1120-900   160-9104-900   

160-9204-900  160-9115-900   160-9113-900


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